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Botwell House Catholic School is proud to be an Eco School. We have a team of keen, green Eco-Warriors who sort out recycling on a day to day basis and lead the school in different initiatives, such as how to save energy, how to care for our habitat and how to reduce rubbish waste. There are 24 The Key Stage 2 Eco Warriors, two for each class.

We are currently working towards our Green Flag ECO badge award. The Eco Warriors have discussed what we need to do and have written an action plan.  From this plan we identified some things that we felt were most important in helping our school to become more environmentally friendly.  

Our main priorities for the year are to:

  • Encourage children to recycle correctly within the classroom.
  • Try and reduce our energy bills by turning off lights and computers.
  • Encourage children to respect our habitat and the wildlife and plants within it.
  • Encourage children to walk to school.

Posters are in every classroom to remind all children and staff to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and also be mindful of water use. One of our roles as Eco Warriors is to recycle materials such as paper and save energy where possible. Regular inspections are completed to show whether or not the correct materials are being recycled in each class and whether electrical energy is being used wisely.  An energy audit will also be completed as part of the 'Switch off Fortnight' campaign that we have joined.

We also take part in a litter pick activity after play and lunch times to ensure our school is kept clean.

Meet our Eco Warrior team

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Our Eco Code..


Botwell is the best at being eco friendly

Open to new ideas and suggestions

Trees should be saved, not cut down

We are united as an eco school

Educating others to keep the environment clean

Love the world

Let's all be eco friendly


Everyone at our school cares for the environment

Careful when picking up litter

Our school works together to make our world a better place


Cleaner, greener Botwell

Happy to help

Always wearing a smile

Managing waste in school

Please recycle

I love helping our school be a nicer place to learn

Only use cars when necessary

Never waste electricity

Save water and electricity


Litter Picking in Hayes Town.

Litter Picking in Hayes Town. 1

heartCheck out our beautiful flowers from our KS2 gardens!heart

Spring has finally sprung! Check out our beautiful flowers that have finally come out to say hello after our two awesome afternoons of weeding and planting. Once again, a HUGE thank you to the awesome eco warriors and their mums and dads who came and helped on those afternoons. It was wonderful to involve our families in school projects. We look forward to the next one!


Eco-Warrior 'Switch off Fortnight' campaign


The Eco Warriors have signed up to the National campaign, 'Switch off Fortnight,' sponsored by EDF energy.  They will take part in an energy audit and will encourage children to save both energy at home and at school.

Earth Day 2017


To celebrate this year's Earth Day, all children from Reception to Year 6 were presented with the 'Plastic Bottle Challenge'. 

The children were to plan, make and present an alternative use of a plastic bottle, being as creative as possible.

The results were AMAZING!

Here are just some of the fantastic pieces the children have created.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

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