Swimming Results 2016/2017/2018


34% of our current Year 6 children reached the National Curriculum standard for Swimming.


In order to combat this, we have introduced all year round swimming in Year 5 with funding for the extra lessons coming from our Sports Premium Budget. Our next cohort of Year 6 children will have had the option to take up swimming in Year 2&4 for an extra-curricular activity along with their compulsory and extra lessons in Year 5.


37.2% of our current Year 5 children are reaching National Curriculum standards from the results provided from Spring term. We are predicting that this will increase dramatically by Summer as many of the children are currently on Stage 3, if these children progress on to Stage 4 we will be looking at 52% of our children reaching National Curriculum Standards with possibly more if children on Stage 2 progress well in their last term.