Sports Premium Fund 2019-2020

PE Sports Premium                                                                                              Total Allocated £35,770.00

Date                    Initiative/Funding/Equipment                                              Expenditure

09/05/2019        Primary Sports Development                                                 £375.00

11/05/2019        Botwell Leisure Centre                                                            £461.00

11/05/2019        Botwell Leisure Centre                                                            £461.00

03/06/2019        Gifted and talented Basketball coaching                             £210.00

18/06/2019        Primary Sports Development                                                £300.00

21/06/2019        Taxis to Inclusion Festival                                                       £53.00

27/06/2019        Gifted and talented Basketball coaching                             £420.00

27/06/2019        Botwell Leisure Centre                                                            £612.30

27/06/2019        Botwell Leisure Centre                                                            £612.30

18/06/2019        Primary Sporting Development                                             £300.00

27/06/2019        Full Court Connections                                                            £420.00

27/06/2019        Greenwich Leisure Limited                                                     £612.00

27/06/2019        Greenwich Leisure Limited                                                     £612.00

19/07/2019        Hillingdon Youth Cricket Alliance                                          £720.00

16/09/2019       Primary Sporting Development                                             £480.00

30/09/2019        Full Court Connections                                                            £210.00

28/10/2019        Primary Sporting Development                                             £640.00

31/10/2019        Full Court Connections                                                            £420.00

11/11/2019        Price and Buckland Limited                                                    £224.00

28/11/2019        Full Court Connections                                                           £420.00

05/12/2019        Price and Buckland                                                                  £33.00

20/01/2020        Greenwich Leisure Limited                                                    £1,198.00

20/01/2020        Greenwich Leisure Limited                                                    £989.10

05/02/2020        Primary Sporting Development                                            £400.00

14/03/2020        Yoga Mats                                                                                  £216.00

16/03/2020        Primary Sporting Development                                            £400.00

18/12/2019        Payment for staff fleeces                                                        £257.00 returned



Quantitative Impact for the school and children Qualitative

How have the children been affected


PSD Multi Skills




Over Academic Year

32 Year 5 children

32 Year 4 children

32 Year 3 children

Increased participation in sport

Experience of different sports to see if they would like to take it up.

Keep children active and aware of their fitness levels.

Increase participation of different sports

Exposure to different sports.

Year 2,4,5 swimming Lessons


Over Academic Year 72 places offered in Year 2 and Year 4. Not all places will be taken up so some children may get the opportunity to go twice.

90 children from Year 5 will have access to the Sports Premium

Increase of children’s ability when they reach year 5 for their compulsory lessons.

Increased parental awareness. 

With good links to the Botwell leisure centre the hope is that the children will continue privately as parents can identify the benefits.

Basketball CPD & G&T




Over Academic Year 90 children Year 4

90 children Year 3


Increased awareness

Increased knowledge

Increased Fitness

Increased Interest

Increased ability


Continual Professional Development for teachers will allow information from the lessons to be taught again and again for the next year groups and be transferred to other staff members.

Taxis to Inclusion Festival

15 children taken to inclusive festival to experience different sports with other schools from the Borough

Children experienced participating with other schools and meeting other children.

Keep children active and increase their awareness of other sports that they can enjoy.

Hillingdon Youth Cricket Alliance

Summer Term – 90 children from Year 4

Increased awareness of Cricket within the school. Children’s Cricket skills improved along with their knowledge of the game.

Staff received CPD on Cricket and therefore can use this knowledge going forward in their career and can also be passed to other members of staff within the school.

Price and Buckland

Staff fleeces and Hoodies



Staff encouraged to purchase appropriate clothing to wear for sporting activities. This encourages the staff to participate in the activities. Which will in turn be positive for the children to see.

The process of purchasing the hoodies and fleeces through the Sports Premium Fund was trialled and was a success. The money is then returned to the fund after the

payment has been received from staff.

Yoga Mats

32 Yoga Mats were purchased for the use across the whole school

Children have the opportunity to use the Yoga mats during their PE lessons and in after school activities.

Yoga mats will be able to be used for many years to come to enable children to have access to Yoga throughout their time at Botwell.