Sports Premium Fund 2020-2021


PE Sports Premium                                                                                              Total Allocated £21,399

Date                    Initiative/Funding/Equipment                                              Expenditure

04/05/2020        Primary Sporting Development                                             £400.00

10/06/2020        Primary Sporting Development                                             £560.00

21/09/2020        Primary Sporting Development                                             £480.00             

13/10/2020        Yoga Mats                                                                                  £101.70

20/11/2020        Primary Sporting Development                                             £350.00

02/02/2021        Primary Sporting Development                                             £300.00

08/03/2021        GLS Educational Supplies                                                        £449.98

23/03/2021        Primary Sporting Development                                             £360.00

24/03/2021        GLS Educational Supplies                                                        £12.10



Quantitative Impact for the school and children Qualitative

How have the children been affected


PSD Multi Skills




Keyworker children over lockdown.

Working with children within year 1.


Approx 25 children over lockdown

Approx 25 children within year 1

Children can use the skills learnt going forward in their PE lessons and generally within activity. Increased their skills levels and fitness level.

Yoga Mats

32 Yoga Mats were purchased for the use across the whole school

Children have the opportunity to use the Yoga mats during their PE lessons and in after school activities.

Yoga mats will be able to be used for many years to come to enable children to have access to Yoga throughout their time at Botwell.


General equipment for all children to use.

All children will have access to the Mats that the trolleys have been brought to safely store them so that no damage is incurred.

General equipment for PE use across the school

Mats will be kept safely so that all children can have access to them throughout their time at Botwell.