Sports Premium Fund 2021-2022


PE Sports Premium                                                                                              Total Allocated

Date                    Initiative/Funding/Equipment                                              Expenditure

30/06/2021        Primary Sporting Development                                             £300.00

02/07/2021        Full Court Connections                                                            £280.00




Quantitative Impact for the school and children Qualitative

How have the children been affected


PSD Multi Skills

(Primary Sporting Development)




90 children in Year 4 and 90 children in year 5. Along with 5 teachers.

Increased participation in sport

Experience of different sports to see if they would like to take it up. Catch up on sports that have been missed over the last two academic years due to COVID restrictions.

Keep children active and aware of their fitness levels.

Increase participation of different sports

Exposure to different sports. Allow for CPD to occur for teachers so the knowledge can be used within teaching same/different sports.

Basketball CPD & G&T

Full Court Connections










90 children in Year 3 along with 3 teachers


Increased knowledge and understanding of Basketball.

Increased skill level of large ball skills.

Increased confidence, knowledge and ability of teachers to teach large ball skills and Basketball.

Continual professional development for teachers will allow information from the lessons to be taught for the next cohort of children along with using the knowledge and confidence to other large ball skills lessons. Knowledge can also be transferred to other members of staff.

Pupils will use their new knowledge and confidence within Basketball and transfer it to other sports as they progress through the school.