Maths – Homework will be set on a Thursday and due in on the following Thursday.


English – Homework will be set on a Monday and due in on the following Monday.


Spelling – Spellings will be handed out on a Thursday and your child will be tested on them on the following Thursday.


Topic and RE – For both of these subjects, homework will be handed out at the start of the unit and due at the end of the unit. The due date will be given to your child and displayed on our website.


(Any changes to this timetable will be explained to your child and displayed here.)

Spelling Homework

Set B



Due in Thursday 24th September. Your child will be tested on these words on this day.


English Homework


Log in to purple mash and complete the two set tasks.

1. Read chapter 1 of 'The Terranex Network.'

2. Complete the 'Online Multiple Choice' comprehension quiz. 


Due in Monday 21st September

Maths Homework


No maths homework has been set this week (17th September) due to an issue with Mathletics. Once this has been sorted, we will begin setting maths homework. Please check here next Thursday to see if homework has been set. 


Due in ...

Topic Homework

Our topic this half term is Your Country Needs You.

Below are some ideas of activities for your child to complete over the half term to help them engage and excel in the topic.

We ask that they complete a minimum of 3 tasks, evidencing them how you wish e.g. photos, written work or a project to share virtually with the class.


Due to the current circumstances, we will not be taking homework in at school but any projects or tasks completed can be emailed to your child’s class teacher by Monday 19th October 2020 at the latest so that they can be shared. Please email us on year6@ibotwell.co.uk and include your child’s name and class in the subject bar.


Make a timeline of the key events in World War Two. Add pictures to improve your work.

Find out what happened in Hayes during the war. Present your information however you wish.

Imagine you are an evacuee: you are allowed to take one book with you. Which one would you take? Why?

Make up a World War Two word search or crossword.

Dig for victory! Find out about the types of vegetables people were encouraged to grow during the war and have a go at growing or cooking some.



Dress up as an evacuated child. Make a gas mask box and write and evacuee label showing your name, address and school. Ask someone to take a photograph and then use the sepia effect to make it look authentic.

Read a World War Two non-fiction book. Write down at least 3 facts you learn so that you can share them with the class.

Make a scrap book of Second World War images and write captions for each one. Consider how the people in the photographs may be feeling.

Create a fact file about Anne Frank’s life.

Make do and mend! Can you revamp some old clothes to make new clothes or could you upcycle some unwanted household items to make them useful in a whole new way?


Create a World War Two Spitfire aeroplane out of different pieces of junk material.

Find some wartime recipes and make a typical meal using foods that would have been rationed at the time.



Due in Monday 19th October

RE Homework

Year 6 R.E. Homework Topic: Loving

Task (AT1c)

This topic focusses on God’s Love and forgiveness. We will be exploring various scripture examples including the parable of the Prodigal son and how Jesus used this parable to illustrate God’s unconditional love for us.

Think of someone you know, or a well-known person, who has loved unconditionally during their lifetime. Describe what they have done and explain what you think inspired and influenced them and how they are role models for others.

Your homework may be handwritten or printed from the computer but must be in your own words. Please don’t copying and paste from a website.

Some ideas to get you started: Mother Theresa, a specific Saint, charity workers, a family member.

Due in Monday 28th September