Maths – Homework will be set on a Thursday and due in on the following Thursday.


English – Homework will be set on a Monday and due in on the following Monday.


Spelling – Spellings will be handed out on a Thursday and your child will be tested on them on the following Thursday.


Topic and RE – For both of these subjects, homework will be handed out at the start of the unit and due at the end of the unit. The due date will be given to your child and displayed on our website.


(Any changes to this timetable will be explained to your child and displayed here.)

Spelling Homework

Great news! No Spelling homework now until after Christmas!

Set ...

The spellings this week will be...


Due in .... Your child will be tested on these words on this day.


English Homework

Microsoft Teams

This week's English homework task has been set via Microsoft Teams.
Each child has their own login details for Microsoft Teams. When they log in, they should be able to view 'assignments' and select the task titled 'Reading and Grammar Homework due 07.12.20.'
Once completed, this task needs to be uploaded onto Microsoft Teams. The children know how to do this as they have been practising it during school time. If you're having trouble accessing this, please let us know before the weekend as it is then too late for us to help. We are expecting all children to return this via 'teams' this week after last week's trial.

See document below:


Due in Monday 7th December

Maths Homework


Set on Thursday 10th December

Log in to 'Mathletics' and complete the set task.

1. Fractions and Decimals

2. Fractions and Decimals 2


Due in Thursday 17th December

Times Tables Challenge Homework - tested every Wednesday

Topic Homework

Our topic this half term is Pump It Up!

Below are some ideas of activities for your child to complete over the half term to help them engage and excel in the topic.

We ask that they complete a minimum of 3 tasks, evidencing them how you wish e.g. photos, written work or a project to share virtually with the class.

Due to the current circumstances, we will not be taking homework in at school but any projects or tasks completed can be emailed to your child’s class teacher by Monday 14th December 2020 at the latest so that they can be shared. Please email us on year6@ibotwell.co.uk and include your child’s name, class and which lesson it relates to in the subject bar.

For example: First and Last Name, 6S/O/W, Topic Homework

As you can imagine, sorting through this homework is quite a task. Please wait until your child has completed all three tasks before you send them all over in one email please.

What does the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’ mean? Write a short story using this as the title.


Be kind to your heart! Research information and plan ideas for a meal that your heart would love. Spinach, porridge, blueberries, salmon and soy protein are all heart healthy. You could even try and cook it!

Find out about the historical tradition of Valentine’s day. Why are hearts traditionally used as symbols of love?

Songwriters are often inspired by the heart. Search for songs about heartbreak or cheer yourself up by making a playlist of songs to make your heart sing!

Research the history of heart transplants. Create a timeline to show how they have developed over the past 40 years.

Measure your family’s resting heart rates before asking them to hop, skip, jump and run, measuring their heart rates after each activity. Fill in a table with everyone’s results before looking for patterns in the data. Who has the slowest HR? Which exercise caused the biggest increase in HR?

Create an exercise plan for maintaining a healthy heart.


Design and make decorative heart-shaped tokens to give to someone close to your heart.


Look out for heart shapes around you. Photograph your findings and make a colourful montage.

Think about what is meant by heart-stopping. Write about a heart stopping moment in your life.


Find out about a famous heart surgeon. What do you need to study to become a heart surgeon? How long would it take? What skills and personality would make you successful in this role?

Research an illness/disease of your choice and create a poster to raise awareness about it and what people can do to help. You might even want to find a charity that helps with it.


Due in Monday 14th December

RE Homework

Year 6 R.E. Homework Topic: 


Due in ...