Maths – Homework will be set on a Monday and due in on the following Monday.


English – Homework will be set on a Monday and due in on the following Monday.


Spelling – Spellings will be handed out on a Thursday and your child will be tested on them on the following Thursday.


Topic and RE – For both of these subjects, homework will be handed out at the start of the unit and due at the end of the unit. The due date will be given to your child and displayed on our website.


(Any changes to this timetable will be explained to your child and displayed here.)

Spelling Homework

The spellings this week will be a random spelling test in the style of the KS2 papers.


Due in Thursday 27th May. Your child will be tested on these words on this day.


English Homework


The end of the year is fast approaching and that means one thing… our Year 6 production is nearing! The name of our production this year is ‘Wow! What a Year’ and will be all about the very unusual year we have all had. 

On Monday 24th May, we will be holding auditions for speaking parts in our production. In preparation for the auditions, we would like you to write and learn your own monologue about one of the following: 

  1. Your personal experience of lockdown – you could discuss how the pandemic has affected you or your family, a difficult time you have faced or some challenging emotions that you have felt.


  1. Your hopes and wishes at this point – you could discuss who or what you have missed and what you are most looking forward to once things are back to normal.


You should aim for your monologue to last around 30 seconds. You could ask someone at home to time you!


Your audition will be your opportunity to express yourself and demonstrate your ability to project your voice, using tone and expression. Spoken language is also part of our curriculum, so even if you do not want a big speaking part, you will still need to perform your monologue. 


Monday 17th May – written monologue due

On Monday 17th May, you need to bring in your written monologue so that your teacher can see how you are getting on.


You will then have another week to learn your monologue off by heart, in time for the auditions on Monday 24th May.



Written monologue - Due in Monday 17th May

Maths Homework

CGP Paper

Maths Homework
CGP Paper
Complete Set B, Paper 2: Reasoning.
Set a 40 minute timer.
If you haven't finished within the time, use a different colour to complete the paper.
If you have support with any questions, please write S next to the question number so we know which ones you needed help with.

Due in Monday 24th May

Topic Homework

Our topic this half term is Gallery Rebels!

Below are some ideas of activities for your child to complete over the half term to help them engage and excel in the topic.

We ask that they complete a minimum of 3 tasks (excluding their non-negotiable tasks), evidencing them how you wish e.g. photos, written work or a project to share with the class.


Your completed topic homework projects must be brought into school by Thursday 20th May 2021 at the latest so that they can be shared.



Find out about an artist from the past or present. Create a fact file about them and their most famous pieces of artwork.


Watch Blow Painting with Straws on YouTube.


Have a go at blow painting and evaluate how effective the video is in creating your desired effect.


Practise drawing from observation. Choose an object to sketch using a realist style. (For example: a piece of fruit or some flowers)

Research art galleries around the world. Create a poster to advertise your favourite one!

Make an abstract sculpture in the style of the Dada artists. Take a digital image so you can share it with others at school.

Research contrasting colours and have a go at using these to create some striking art work.

Make a collection of natural objects mixing their subtle colours and details in a natural collage. Use a magnifying glass to help you look at the smaller areas of colour and pattern. Items might include flowers, leaves, stones and pebbles,

shells and tree bark.

Recreate a famous piece of art using either paints, colouring pencils or house hold objects.

Collect any old tester paint pots and make a large-scale abstract painting on the back of a roll of old wallpaper! Hint: Don’t do this straight on your walls at home, or your grown-ups will NOT be amused!

Create a 1-minute shadow puppet show. Use a torch and blank wall to help you. Think about the different characters you can create. Record it and send the video to year6@ibotwell.co.uk


Watch DIY Marbled Paper on YouTube.


Have a go at shaving foam marbling and evaluate how effective the video is in creating your desired effect.

Plan and conduct an investigation into how shadows change throughout the day. Present your findings on paper ready to share with the class.


Due in Thursday 20th May

RE Homework

Year 6 R.E. Homework Topic: Healing


Due in Thurs 24th June