English Homework



Revise any spellings that you have had trouble with. Use your blue spelling book to help you (Look, Cover, Write, Check) Use your Oxford Owl Spelling Planet books to revise the spelling patterns we have learnt. Your weekly tests from the Year 3-6 words should have been stuck in your diaries

Reading Homework


Due Thursday 26th September


Read the text and complete the comprehension questions


This was handed out during the lesson on Thursday 19th September

SPaG Homework


Due Monday 11th November


Complete the questions about 'Adverbs'

This was handed out during the lesson on Monday 4th November

Maths Homework


Due Thursday 21st November


Complete the Mathletics assignment linked to:

  • Simplifying Fractions


This was set during the lesson on Thursday 14th November

RE Homework


Due 17th October


Read the information about the Rosary and answer the questions, on a poster you have designed, to explain the Rosary to younger children.

(Please use A4 paper)


This was handed out during the lesson on Tuesday 1st October

Topic: Vocation