English Homework



Revise any spellings that you have had trouble with. Use your blue spelling book to help you (Look, Cover, Write, Check) Use your Oxford Owl Spelling Planet books to revise the spelling patterns we have learnt. Your weekly tests from the Year 3-6 words should have been stuck in your diaries

Topic Homework


Due on Monday 30th March


Welcome to the planet’s coldest lands, which are incredibly beautiful, yet often deadly.


During the Spring term, we’ll be making and observing icebergs and finding out more about them.


We will be learning technical vocabulary in science and geography, and using globes and maps to locate the polar regions, comparing the Arctic (Spring 1) and Antarctic (Spring 2.) 


We will also be considering how we can protect the polar environment.


During history sessions, we will investigate the tragic story of the RMS Titanic, and find out about the people on board. 


Once we are more familiar with the polar regions, we’ll write some exciting stories, and diary entries from the perspective of brave explorers like Ernest Shackleton.


Researching our favourite polar animals will be fun. We will look at how they are adapted to suit their polar habitats. 


Finally, we will learn about the inhabitants of these regions and create artwork inspired by the Inuit people.


Frozen Kingdoms (Spring 2)

SATs Practice Paper Guidance


Please follow these guidelines:

  • Time yourself – the time is on the paper
  • Have a go by yourself – without any help
  • Attempt all questions in the time slot
  • Circle any questions that you couldn’t do/ didn’t know how to do
  • When the time is up, you can show an adult and go through the paper with them (optional)
  • If you want to change any answer or have another go at a question, please do this in another colour e.g. green pen.


Remember this is just a practice paper. Don’t worry about low scores; just try your best. Your teacher needs to see what you are having trouble with so they can help you to improve.

SPaG Homework


Due Wednesday 18th March


Complete SATs Practice Paper Set B (Do not do the spelling section in the middle)


This was handed out during the lesson on Wednesday 11th March

Maths Homework


Due Thursday 19th March


Complete SATs Practice Paper 1 Set B


This was set during the lesson on Thursday 12th March

RE Homework


Due in Thursday 2nd April


In year 6, we will be preparing the Easter reflection about the Stations of the Cross, so it is very important to have a good understanding of the Easter story.


For homework, you will have to retell the Easter story. It is split up into 6 parts:

  1. Palm Sunday
  2. The Last Supper
  3. Praying at Gethsemane
  4. Carrying the Cross
  5. Crucifixion of Jesus
  6. Resurrection


Write a short paragraph for each stage of the story and you could use pictures to illustrate the different parts of the story.

Take care over your handwriting and presentation.


This was handed out during the lesson on Friday 20th March

Topic: Death and New Life