Maths Mastery

What is Maths Mastery?

Over recent years research studies have been carried out to look at the ways in which highly successful countries teach their pupils Maths.  These high performing countries are often in the Far East such as China and Singapore.  The Department for Education (DfE) is bringing together a programme based on what has been learned from these countries, along with excellent practice in the UK.  This programme is known as Teaching for Mastery.  The key concepts that underpin teaching for mastery are explained in the attached document “The Essence of Teaching for Mastery.”  You can read more about the DfE’s plans for the rollout of the programme here:


Mastery at Botwell House School

Following lots of discussion and research, we decided at Botwell House that the principles of Mastery are in line with our views of how we want our children to learn: high expectations for all children, well planned and structured lessons, leading to the development of fluent and able users of mathematics.

In September 2015 we joined the Bucks, Berks and Oxon (BBO) Maths Hub as part of a Teacher Research Group.  In September 2016 Mrs Forde joined the national project which was put together to train Mastery Specialist Teachers across the UK.  From the Summer term of 2017, we will be hosting Teacher Research Groups at Botwell House School, a great opportunity to share ideas and best practice with colleagues both in and outside school.


Currently, we are using the approach in Year 5 and in Year 1.  There is a planned rollout of the approach across all Year groups as the 2016-17 Year 1 cohort progress through their school journey.


If you would like to know more about the Teaching for Mastery programme please take a look at these websites:

The NCETM are working with the government on the training of teachers and development of mastery in schools.  The Maths Hubs provide central support for groups of schools involved in the programme.