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Employee Benefits

Employee Assistance programme

Keeping our staff healthy and well in every way is central to the success of this school. To ensure that we are doing this, we procure the services of specialists in Health and Wellbeing that our employees can access.

These services include:

Face-to-face Counselling:

We take pride in providing face-to-face counselling sessions to our staff.

Our counsellors ensure staff can schedule appointments at dates and times that suit their individual needs. Reaching out for counselling services can be a big step, so we are committed to ensuring that process is as easy and accommodating as possible.

Bereavement support: Coping with bereavement and grief is an intricate and deeply personal journey, and practical advice can be invaluable during this challenging time. It’s important to remember that everyone grieves differently, and the grieving process is not one size fits all.

The service covers:

  • Develop insights into the grieving process, offering support not only for yourself but also for your loved ones.
  • Gain an understanding of both the emotional and physical impacts associated with bereavement.
  • Receive practical advice to navigate the next steps after a loss, aiding in the management of various challenges.
  • Fostering a positive mindset to facilitate moving forward, embracing healing and personal growth.

Men's mental wellness support: We are committed to promoting mental wellbeing and resilience amongst men in the education community. This service is designed to break down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health issues and provide a safe space for open conversations and support.

Stress management: This service, formerly known as Stress Coaching, has been meticulously updated to further provide comprehensive support to individuals and schools of all experience levels and sizes.

This popular service allows you to receive support from a qualified and trusted professional who adheres to the highest standards of ethical and therapeutic practice.

The service covers:

  • Finding harmony in work and family life
  • Strategies to reduce & manage stress
  • Setting realistic expectations


Monopause Counselling: Menopause Counselling provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to explore their feelings, concerns, and questions.

This service of expert professional counsellors are trained to address the emotional and psychological aspects of this transition, offering guidance on managing anxiety, mood swings, and other emotional challenges that may arise. We believe that open dialogue and professional support are essential in helping individuals embrace this new chapter with confidence and resilience.


Financial Wellbeing Coaching: In today's economic landscape, managing finances can be an overwhelming task. Our coaching services provide an opportunity for a “fresh start”, redefining the approach towards positive financial wellbeing.

Our coaches do not simply focus on the numbers, they delve into financial mindsets and habits to help create a comprehensive plan for a brighter future.

Tips and resources are shared relating to:

  • Access to a 24/7 digital content library
  • Customise a personal financial plan
  • Discuss any financial concerns
  • Support your wellbeing by talking about your money worries

24/7 GP service: This service is a valuable resource that offers staff the utmost flexibility when it comes to accessing expert medical advice. Connect with a qualified general practitioner from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are. Prioritise your health on your terms.

Medical concerns can arise at any moment. That’s why the team of experienced and compassionate GPs are available 24/7, ensuring you have access to quality healthcare whenever you need it.

  • Staff can choose telephone or video consultations to suit their preference
  • GPs can organise private prescriptions for collection at your local pharmacy


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