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Our Curriculum



All KS2 classes take part in weekly French lessons....

French Overview




Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6




Autumn 1



Greetings, classroom instructions. How to say your name, age and where you live, family members, days of the week and seasons


Revision of all topics that were studied in year 3. Parts of the body. New core vocabulary

Revision of all topics studies in years 3&4. Places in a town. Further connectives and adjectives.

Revision of all topics studies in years 3,4 and 5. Introduction of the negative. Transport. Places in a town – further vocabulary and directions.



Autumn 2



Saying how are you, saying Yes and no, numbers 1-10. School life and classroom objectives. Christmas activities

Clothes, linking clothes with colours. Introduction of adjectives ‘grand’ et ‘Petit’. Christmas activities

Numbers 30-60. ‘Les glaces’ and ‘quels parfums’. Introduction and understanding of the Euro. Christmas activities

Numbers 60-100. Activities, development of opinions, using connectives and negatives. Food and drink. Christmas activities



Spring 1



Food and drink. Linking meal times with different foods. Numbers 10-20. Expressing thanks


Introduction of the weather. Everyday France and how French people greet others. Learn about ‘Les geants’ in the north of France.

Directions ‘a’ gauche, a’droite, tout droit. Asking where places are, asking for/giving/understanding directions.

School. Giving opinions on school subjects, learn the names of different rooms in a school. Clothes- further development of full sentences.



Spring 2



Pets )Domestic animals) colours, connectives, Easter Activities

Revision of clothes, revision of the weather. Linking the two, saying what you wear in different sorts of weather. Easter Activities.

Learning about St Bernadette feast day/ April 16th. Extension of food and drink. Introduction on activities, sports and pass times. Easter Activities

French art-history of the impressionist. The human body and illnesses. Extended family members. Easter activities.



Summer 1



Pets (farmyard animals) Ask another student how they are, link pets with colours

Numbers 20-30. Further work on food and drink. Cafés in France with role play.

Continuation of activities, giving an opinion about different activities. Celebration of the life of saint Joan of Arc, feast day May 30th

Shop, cafes and restaurants. Further work on currency and animals



Summer 2



Further development into French speaking countries around the world. Learn about Paris

End of year activities

Understand the gender of nouns. Learn further connectives and adjectives. Understand and express simple opinions. End of year activities.

Further development of clothes and parts of the body. Further development of animals and introduction of zoo animals. End of year activities.

Telling the time, the weather, holidays and countries. End of term activities.

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