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Halo Mexico

As Effective Communicators...

As Mathematicians...

This half term, we will be reading the graphic novel “The Viewer” by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan. The overall aims of this teaching sequence are to: explore, interpret and respond to illustrations in a book, build an imaginative picture of a fantasy world, based on real life experiences and to write stories based on another character’s point of view. Throughout this unit the children will plan, write, edit and present their own fantasy stories as well as exploring character and setting descriptions.

We will build vocabulary skills through drama opportunities. Our Grammar focus will be developing the range and accuracy of the punctuation the children are using and also how to write using passive and active voices.

This half term we will be concentrating on a number of different Mathematical skills. We will start the half term by reviewing our previous learning of the four operations and continue to develop our understanding of word problems in order to improve our understanding of and explanations for Mathematical reasoning. We will also be continuing to learn about fractions and multiplying and dividing fractions with different denominators. We will be using these skills to then find the percentages of a whole number

We will also be focusing on finding the Area and Perimeter of regular and irregular shapes. 

As Members of the Digital Age...

Hola Mexico


As Historians...

We will be concentrating on coding and basic programming. We will use our programming skills to construct our own multi-layered game.

We will be concentrating on the history of Mexico and central

America. As historians we will be using our powers of

investigation to research and contextualise the origins of modern

day Mexico.

As Members of a Catholic Community…..

As Active Citizens...

Throughout our first topic, ‘Sources’, we will be learning about the way that God talks to use throughout the Scriptures. We will research references in the Bible where God speaks to His people. We will explore ‘The Beatitudes’ and how we can live the way that God wants us to now. We will then focus on ‘Unity,’ we will explore the way that friendships are nourished. We will explore the ways that Christians are called to live in unity with one another and the impact of the Sacrament of Holy Communion on this.

In this unit, children will learn that celebrating differences between people is enriching to a community and know that their self-confidence should arise from being loved by God. They will learn about the physical changes that boys and girls go through during puberty and how they should respect and take care of their bodies as gifts from God. Personal health and hygiene will also be discussed. Alongside this, we will be considering how we can demonstrate the virtues of perseverance, courage and assertiveness in our behaviour.

As Geographers...

Topic Vocabulary

As Designers with a Purpose...

We will be locating Mexico within the Americas. We will be examining the physical and human geographical characteristics of Mexico – including its diverse biomes (e.g. desert) and population centres. We will also be exploring Mexican culture and cuisine!

Mexico, Maya, Mexico City, Chihuahuan Desert, Central American, Aztecs, civilisation, diverse, festival, equinox, heritage, indigenous, landscape, mariachi, settlement, tradition, Rio Grande

We will look at the instruments used in celebrations throughout Mexico. The children will design and then build a useable musical instrument that can be used in our festival.

As Musicians...

As Scientists...

As Linguists...

This half term, we will be introducing the children to music technology using the programs Garage Band and Chrome Music Lab. We will use these two programs to explore film and computer game music. 


In French we will be learning the vocabulary to talk about school. We will be giving opinions on school subjects and learn the names of different rooms in a school. We will further develop the skill of speaking in full sentences.

As Artists...

As Sporting Heroes...

From the Ancient Maya to modern-day street art, the children will look at how artists convey a message. Exploring imagery, symbols, expressive mark making, and ‘chiaroscuro’ children consider audience and impact to create powerful drawings to make their voices heard.

Indoor PE this half term will be gymnastics with a particular focus on rhythmic gymnastics where we will put together a sequenced routine and perform it to their peers. Alongside this we will continue with our focus on large ball skills with a particular link to Netball.   

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