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In our Mission Statement we state that the school is committed to working with parents and parish in an atmosphere of care, courtesy and concern extended to all its members, in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. As partners in the education of our young people we will achieve this by the following agreement:-

The school will:-

  • Provide a high quality education within a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Promote an atmosphere where all individuals are valued and are encouraged to grow in their journey of faith.
  • Be committed to develop each child to:
  • achieve their full potential academically, spiritually and socially,
  • to have respect for themselves, their surroundings and others around them, regardless of ethnic background and
  • to promote the highest possible standards and behaviour.
  • Be committed to work in partnership with parents communicating in a variety of ways about the progress of their child (fulfilling our mission).
  • Be committed to promoting a community of mutual courtesy and respect.

The family will:-

  • Be committed to support the school’s Mission Statement, ethos and values.
  • Be committed to supporting the Governors School Maintenance Fund.
  • Be committed in establishing good behaviour at home and support the teachers in setting standards of good behaviour.
  • Ensure that each child arrives for school, and is collected after school, on time.
  • Be committed in ensuring that their child achieves a high level of attendance and not take children out of school during term time.
  • Be committed in supporting the school with its uniform, homework and reading policies.
  • Show commitment to your child’s education by attending open evenings, assemblies and other school events.
  • Be committed in promoting a community of mutual courtesy and respect.

The Governors have agreed that all parents seeking a place at this school should be asked to sign below to signify that they understand and accept constitution of the school and the partnership agreement as set out above.

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