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Our Governors


Kathy Queenan (Foundation Governor)

About me                                           




This is my third year as governor at Botwell House school. As Foundation Governor, I feel I am contributing towards the continuous improvement of education and helping to enhance the environment for staff and pupils at the school to enable everyone to flourish.

My three sons attended Botwell school and are getting on well in life but as I worked full time back then I had little time to be involved in the school.

Now that I have retired and work part-time as a Mental Health Nurse I feel this is a good time to invest in giving back to the community.

I have lived in Hayes for over 30 years now and know the locality pretty well.

I have links with the community, being a Eucharistic minster and a member of the RCIA at The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Botwell as well as doing a lot of work with the Upkeep of the Grounds & Maintenance Group.

This year I am taking on the additional role as Chair of the Finance & Premises committee.

I have grandchildren attending Botwell now and feel very privileged to have the opportunity to serve on the Governing Board.

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

* Finance and Premises Committee (Chair)

* Health and Safety Link

Term of office: 01.07.2020 – 31.08 2024


Maxine Potgieter (Foundation Governor)

About me                                           





Governor Roles and Responsibilities

* Curriculum and Standards Committee (Vice Chair)


Term of office: 12.05.2022 – 11.05.2026


Pauline Glancy

(Foundation Governor)

About me                                           



I have over 38 years of experience working in Catholic Education as a teacher and Headteacher. I have always been passionate about ensuring children get the best possible start to their school life and after having a couple of years out of education following my retirement, I was delighted to be asked to be on the Governing Board at Botwell. Having worked with and been supported by very committed and knowledgeable governors myself, I thought it was time to give something back and support the school in any way I can. It's a privilege to be part of a team who are committed to improving outcomes for all the children in our school. I look forward to working with the Governing Board to ensure each child has the opportunity to learn, grow, make excellent progress and become a great ambassador for our school and for Catholic Education.

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

* Curriculum and Standards Committee (Chair)

* Health and Safety link Governor

Term of office: 01/09/22 – 31/08/25


Daniel Simpson

(Staff Governor)

About me                                           


I have been a member of the teaching profession for over 13 years now, working in a range of roles as teacher, team leader, phase leader, student teacher mentor and subject coordinator. During this time, I have taken the opportunity to shadow the governing body and understand the procedures and protocols which the board undertakes. Having recently moved to Botwell to continue my teaching career, I was keen to take the opportunity to join the governing body if the opportunity arose. It is a privilege to now be undertaking the role as staff governor as I now have the opportunity to not only learn from a range of skilled professionals, but also give back to the school in a way which is new and exciting for me.

Throughout my teaching career I have had the opportunity to lead on a range of subjects to make a positive impact across the schools in which I taught, including Computing, Growth Mindset and English. I have a deep and invested interested in the English curriculum, particularly vocabulary which I feel is paramount to children's progress and success with their learning. As part of the governing body I will endeavour to ensure that standards of Literacy are paramount to our work across the school to ensure that children achieve their best across the curriculum.

Finally, having been a former pupil of Botwell myself, the virtues of Care, Courtesy and Concern have been fundamental to my life through education, both as a student and as a teacher. I believe these virtues are the building blocks of the school which allow the children to succeed not only academically, but spiritually and emotionally too.  By joining the governing body, I am keen to continue to promote our mission statement in the school community amongst our children, families and staff. I look forward to the challenge this will bring and the positive impact I can make towards the school.

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

Term of office: 15/11/2023 - 14/11/2027


Sophia Martin (Local Authority Governor)

About me                                           



It was a privilege to be asked to join the Governing Board. I am committed to the well-being and education of young people in the community. I have a passion for equality, diversity and inclusivity in education. I believe it is essential for Botwell to ensure the pupils are nurtured, feel happy and safe. This will allow them to focus on learning, so they are able to achieve the best possible outcomes. I am keen to cultivate a positive educational experience for the pupils and collaborate with the school leadership team to make informed decisions, which will add value to the school’s key stakeholders.  

As a Vice Principal I currently lead on the strategic vision for Personal Development, Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Attendance, Behaviour and Attitudes. I am also the Senior Leadership Team Designated Safeguarding Lead. I have a significant leadership role supporting Teaching and Learning and I presently teach Business to KS4, KS5 and Year 14 students. I have a proven record of shaping the future of young people through outstanding strategic leadership and teaching skills. I am a solution focused professional leader who enjoys inspiring others and I am looking forward to continuing to work with the Governing Board.  

Governor Roles and Responsibilities


Term of office: 08.07.2022 - 07.07.2026


Daniel Ferrer (Parent Governor)

About me                                           





Governor Roles and Responsibilities

* Finance & Premises Committee 

Term of office: 08.07.2023 - 07.07.2027


Joanna Murlewska (Parent Governor)

About me                                           




Governor Roles and Responsibilities

* Curriculum and Standards Committee

Term of office: 08.07.2023 - 07.07.2027


Eileen McLoughlin (Foundation Governor)

                                             About me    



I am a member of the Congregation of the sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and have had a lifelong passion for education and community development.

Having spent ten years teaching at Primary School level in England, I went to Zambia in Central Africa to help facilitate the integration of essential health information with the Primary School curriculum in the Copperbelt region of the country.

Moving to the capital Lusaka, I worked with UNICEF and other donor agencies including the British Council, to make education accessible to children, especially girls, through the establishment of the Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) programme. As all the teachers were initially untrained, we then introduced a programme of upgrading and training of teachers to run parallel with the education of the children.

After a four-year break to do some Congregational work in the U.K. and Ireland, I then went to Colombia in South America where I found the greatest need to be with the young people and adults with learning disabilities.  Many had been able to attend school for a basic education, but were now most in need of skills training, the development of their social skills and their integration into their local communities.  With the help of some wonderful local people, the programme ‘Step by Step’ was developed to give each one a basic training in life skills, craft classes and a social hub and to further develop the skills of those who were more able.

On my return to the UK for one of our General Chapters (held every six years), I was elected as a member of our Central Leadership Team and was re-elected six years later.  This was a very enriching time for me as I got to know the sisters and all areas of the Congregation. In the later six years, the team put great emphasis on the training and empowerment of our newer members, the majority of whom are Zambians, so in some ways I felt I had come full circle.

I am looking forward to being part of the Board of Governors and the school community, and will do all I can to support the staff, the families and the children.

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

* Chair of Governors

* SEND/Inclusion

* RE 

* Wellbeing & Personal

*Curriculum and Standards Committee

Term of office:    01.09.2023 - 31.08.2027          

Ann Mullaney (Foundation Governor)

About me                                           





Governor Roles and Responsibilities

* Well-being and Personal 

Term of office: Pending Appointment


Gael Somerville (Foundation Governor)

About me                                           




I am a nurse specialising in travel health, working for many years in the BBC and latterly in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to provide travel health services.

I have lived in Hayes for 20 years, regularly attending the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary here, where many fellow parishioners know me from helping lead the campaigns in the Parish for the Catholic Aid For Overseas Development (CAFOD), as well as being a Reader.

I was happy to be asked to serve as a Foundation Governor at the school as I believe education is the best way to enable every child to develop their talents and abilities to achieve their full potential.

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

* Personnel and Wellbeing  Committee

Term of office: 01/09/2023 - 31/08/2027


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