PPA is non-contact time for teachers. It is a national requirement for all schools to release staff for 10% of their teaching time each week (a morning or afternoon) and enables them to meet together in a team to plan, prepare and assess children's work . 


At Botwell, PPA time is covered by 3 specialist teachers, Miss Bedford (PE), Mrs Curran (French) and Miss Cuthbertson (Music). Classes are rotated and have weekly lessons in each of the 3 subjects which adds value to the children's education and learning. This demonstrates that Botwell invests in educating the 'whole child' and gives the opportunity for all children to develop confidence and self-esteem as well as improving health and well-being. It also recognises children with gifts and talents in any of the three subjects.


Teaching every child in the school is very rewarding and gives the PPA team a unique insight to the growth and progression of  each pupil from Reception to Year 6. We are also a resource for class teachers and support them wherever necessary and required.