Senior Leadership Team Role Responsibilities
Mr KCE Oakley Headteacher DDSL, Standards
Mrs S Yu Business Manager Finance, Health and Safety, Administration
Mrs R Wilkinson Deputy Headteacher DSL, ITT, Curriculum, teaching & Learning
Mrs H Slater Assistant Headteacher Assessment, Pupil Progress
Ms A Wilcock Inclusion Manager DDSL, SENCO, Equalities, EAL
Mrs J Forde Mastery & pedagogy lead Professional Learning Community, Research-based pedagogy and practise.
Mr R Lathwell Senior Leader (Seconded) Communications, effective remote learning and use of technology
Ms R Paul Senior Leader (Seconded) Covid Catch-up response / Parental support 

Nursery Team 

Teacher Support staff Support staff Support staff
Miss S Sibley Ms S Davies (NNEB) Miss N Nzeyimana (LSA) Mrs S Kamya (LSA)

Reception Team

Class  Class Teacher Support staff
Reception C Miss C Cluskey (Team Lead) Mrs J Adhan (LSA)
Reception T Mrs L Turetta Ms N Sodhi (LSA)
Reception S Miss P Stolarczyk Miss A Dodd (LSA)

Year 1 Team

Class  Class Teacher Support staff
Year 1W Miss J Weed (Team Lead) Mrs S Nagi (TA)
Year 1A Miss C Allerston Mrs C Franklin (LSA)
Year 1V Mrs C Van De Pol Miss H Bell (LSA)


Year 2 Team

Class Class Teacher Support staff
Year 2M Miss N Mullahy (Team Lead) Mrs K Matthewson (support teacher)
Year 2C Miss S Carter Mrs A Williams (TA)
Year 2B Mrs A Blake  


Year 3 Team

Class Class Teacher Support staff
Year 3S Ms H Smith (Team Lead) Miss N Jordan (LSA)
Year 3B Miss R Boyle  
Year 3E Miss S Evans  


Year 4 Team

Class Class Teacher Support staff
Year 4D Mrs S Darocha (Team Lead) Mrs A Bateman (TA)
Year 4R Miss K Ringshaw  
Year 4W Ms G Wozniak  


Year 5 Team

Class Class Teacher Support staff
Year 5L Mr R Lathwell (Team Lead) Mrs M O'Mahony (TA)
Year 5B Mrs A Bradley  
Year 5O Mr P O'Sullivan  


Year 6 Team

Class Class Teacher Support staff
Year 6S Miss S Stroud (Team Lead) Mrs S Edwards (LSA)
Year 6O Miss K O'Brien Mrs M Herman (LSA)
Year 6W Miss E Walsh  


Specialist teachers

Teacher Specialism Teacher Specialism
Miss C Bedford (Team Lead) P.E Miss H Cuthbertson Music
Mrs S Curran French Mrs S Zaveri EAL


Inclusion Leadership Team

Teacher Role Teacher Role
Ms A Wilcock Inclusion Manager Mrs F Howard Deputy Inclusion Manager


Inclusion Support team

Support Staff Role Support Staff Role
Mrs L Blake  Teaching Assistant Mrs E Tilaye LSA
Ms T Rutland LSA Mrs Diggin-Ogle LSA
Miss V Mendes LSA Miss D Taylor LSA
Mrs S Eagleton LSA Mrs T Kaur LSA
Mrs A Biddle LSA - ELSA Mrs J D'Sa LSA
Ms L Carney LSA Ms G Costa LSA
Mrs J King LSA Mr S Cheshire LSA
Miss R Sagar LSA Mr M Keegal LSA


Administrative Team

Staff Role Staff Role
Mrs S Yu Business Manager & Office Manager Mrs C O'Grady

General Admin / School Meals

Mrs M Simpson Attendance Officer Mrs L Saib Admissions Officer
Mrs R Banga Finance Assistant/ Headteacher's PA    


Welfare Team

Staff Role Staff Role
Ms J Rayner Welfare Officer Mrs D Lanagan Welfare Assistant


Site Team

Staff Role Staff Role
Mr J Fahy Site Manager Mrs R Bhatia Cleaner
Mrs K Dhillon Cleaner Mrs S Joshi Cleaner
Mrs B Harnett Cleaner Mrs K Kilmister Cleaner
Ms T Rutland Cleaner Mrs I Rai Cleaner
Miss D Taylor Cleaner Mrs T Kaur Cleaner


Lunchtime Leaders

Mrs K Kilmister (Senior) Mrs R Bhatia Miss S Binji Mrs M Dawson
Mrs G Dhillon Mrs Q Zia Ms A Gasiorek Mrs A Kose
Mrs B Harnett Miss S Sira Mrs D Lanagan Mrs S Matharu
Mrs M O'Grady Mrs D Redkar Mrs E Vas Miss G Barnes