The Computing Curriculum

What is covered in our computing curriculum


Computer Science - Pupils are taught the principles of computational thinking. They learn how to put this knowledge to use when writing simple computer programs or controlling robots through simple coding and programming exercises. They learn how digital systems such as the Internet, computer networks and email work and have the opportunity to physically explore computer components

They may even learn how to operate a computing device using everyday objects such as fruit and vegetables as a controller!


Information Technology - Pupils are equipped to use information technology by working with various software programs; operating a variety of computer hardware types such as PC’s, Apple Mac’s and iPad devices and accessing a range of digital content both off and online.


Digital Literacy - Pupils are taught to become digitally literate. They learn and practise day-to-day computer use such as logging in, password security and how to use the internet accurately and in a discerning manner. They will learn the principles of Digital Safety; how to communicate and collaborate safely when online and be good digital citizens.


Digital Creativity - Pupils have the opportunity to explore their individual creativity through digital means. This may include activities such as green screen movie making, composing and performing music and multimedia presentations - all created solely a with computer and/or iPad.


In addition, computing is encouraged and utilised across the breadth of the wider school curriculum and our ‘E-Safety’ message reinforced at all times.