Wraparound Care

Granary Kids:

Since 2011 Granary Kids (an external provider,) has run the breakfast and after school club at Botwell House School. Due to COVID 19 and the need for them to become accustomed to the guidance, Botwell House staff have devised an interim morning and after-school club provision. This decision was made so that our families did not miss out on this vital service in a time when unemployment is more of a threat than ever due to the Pandemic and the resultant recession.


Parents can undertake their employment, confident that their children are safe and being cared for in an engaging environment that mirrors the school's approach to reducing the risk of COVID-19.


Venue: Father Paul (our Parish Priest,) kindly allowed both the breakfast and after school club to be held in the Parish Hall. The vast space of this venue enables us to better socially distance the designated groups. It is also a very accessible venue for drop off and collection by parents. The door is accessed directly from the Church car park on Botwell Lane. 


Breakfast Club


Start time:   

7:45 am is the earliest. Last drop off time is 8:20 am.

Finish time: 

Dependent on a child's 'bubble' time. They will be escorted to their bubble at the right time so they do not miss any learning time


Children can access this up to 8:00 am. There is a selection of nutritious cereals etc for the children to choose from.

Cost: £4.50 per session


After-school Club


Start time:   

Dependent on staggered 'bubble' finish times


5:00 pm at the latest.


Children are offered a hearty snack to keep them going until they can have a full evening meal when they get home. A typical snack would be soup and a crusty roll for instance.

Cost: £7.50 per session


The Staff

All staff have:

  • know the children well, as they are Botwell staff
  • have Enhanced DBS checks
  • Level 2 Food and Hygiene certified
  • annual asthma, allergy and epilepsy training
  • safeguarding training and annual update training


Always on-site

  • Pediatric First Aider
  • The school's designated safeguarding lead or the deputy


For further information regarding the breakfast or after-school interim offer that we have in place, please contact extendedschoolprovision@ibotwell.co.uk . You can only book your session via this email.