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Year Six Team

Just remember – a poem for Year 6

 Just remember your times tables, we said, you need to know them all,

Breakfast is a must for you to grow big, strong and tall,

Adjective, adverbs, and use the correct tense, you’ll need it when you write,

As each and every one of you tried with all your might,

And learn those spellings too, we groaned, each and every rule,

They won’t treat you like this, we moaned, or be as understanding at high school,

“Where’s your homework again?” we screamed. “You won’t get away with this!”

“You’ve given us too much already and now I’m stressed out, Miss!”

“We’ve made mistakes, learned so much and are ready to try our best,

But Miss, it’s unfair, we’ve worked our socks off, and now they’ve cancelled our test!”


Just remember my little ones, you’ve made us very proud,

But forget the learning, your personalities will stand out from the crowd,

Just remember you never gave up when it seemed so far from the start,

You learned as much as you possibly could and really did play your part,

Just remember what you’ve achieved and who you’ve become now,

Stand in front of your family, proud, and tell them to clap as you bow,

Just remember my Year 6s, what matters is you’re safe and well,

And one day, this insane story, you’ll be able to share and tell,

And one last thing, we do miss you, but one day all of this will end,

Just remember: look after each other, love, and be kind to all family and each and every friend.


Keep safe and thank you for your support throughout this difficult time, 

Kind regards, 


Miss Stroud, Miss Walsh and Miss O’Brien

The Year 6 Team